Friday, March 11, 2016

AT&T Redux

It took a while, but some of my brand concerns expressed here in an earlier post, finally addressed. The brand firm, INTERBRAND, did it's best to pull the company away from the three-dimensional error of its ways. And in the inversion of the blue/white (reverse version excepted) it returns toward the notion of the light source highlight.

INTERBRAND had difficulty reconciling the CAPs approach to the name. I was not displeased with the prior lowercase approach in that it seemed to work better with a circle and the lightness and playfulness of the older 3D object itself. In the new version too much optical attention is derived from the rounded ampersand character (notoriously difficult to work with). So much so, that now was the time to consider a transition to the + sign, which would have consolidated spread left to right and married better with the 3 angular characters flanking it. It would also simply "feel" more contemporary.
Overall, a thoughtful refinement was accomplished. But as a flat dimensional effect, derived from the real sphere version and its antecedents, that meant to be a graphically interpreted light source effect, it does not really succeed. If feels less of a lit object and more like a croquet ball. 
Despite all the fiddling, this object still fails to sing. The brand guys succeeded in addressing the myriad of production issues mentioned in my 2013 post. But it is inherently weak as a "stand-alone" brand object, in a crowded world of sphere/circle brand objects.

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